Reel Affirmations: Washington DC's International LGBT Film Festival is proud to announce we are a part of The DC Center Arts Program.

The  DC LGBT Center educates, empowers, celebrates, and connects the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender  communities. To fulfill our mission, we focus on four core areas: health and wellness, arts & culture, social & support  services, and advocacy and community building. We envision communities where LGBT people feel healthy, safe, and affirmed.

On Friday October 14 through Sunday October 16th, 2016, Our annual festival will bring 3 days of NEW AND EXCITING international, documentary, short and feature films from all over the world to Washington as well as panel discussions, filmmaker Q&A and celebrations.

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I will come to the festival on October, it will be great !
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To fulfill our mission, we focus on four core areas: health and wellness, arts & culture, social & support services, http://www.filesplot.com/clash-royale-gems-hack/ and advocacy and community building. We envision communities where LGBT people feel healthy, safe, and affirmed.
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Interesting site, I’m all for equality for all
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A great initiative, we should talk about important things.
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Reel Affirmations
Reel Affirmations