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commented 2015-02-27 12:50:19 -0500 · Flag
Al…box office will be open around 6:30…so you can come around that time. Looking forward to seeing you!
commented 2015-02-27 12:40:59 -0500 · Flag
I just purchased 2 VIP tiks for tonight’s screening of Salvation Army, for the 7 PM screening. What time do you recommend for arrivals?
commented 2015-02-21 14:44:00 -0500 · Flag
commented 2015-02-15 09:37:38 -0500 · Flag
commented 2015-02-03 09:29:37 -0500 · Flag
Shared on twitter : Shop NewsHounds – NewsHounds http://bit.ly/1KnHh5S
commented 2014-12-11 22:06:59 -0500 · Flag
Pierre!!! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the 7pm screening! If you are having computer problems in regard to purchasing tickets, you can purchase your ticket at the box office. One of my volunteer team members can take care of you upon your arrival.

Feel free to inbox me if you need anything at Kimberley@TheDCCenter.org

Thank you!
commented 2014-12-11 20:42:22 -0500 · Flag
I may attend the 7PM showing. Sorry for the computer glitch! Pierre
commented 2014-12-02 21:14:32 -0500 · Flag
Thank you for your inquiry! We will we starting film submission early 2015. Do you have a screener link or will you be submitting a DVD? You can email me at Kimberley@TheDCCenter.org. Looking forward to hearing from you.
commented 2014-12-02 13:40:20 -0500 · Flag
Hey is there still time to submit a film for The 2015 festival?
commented 2014-11-24 13:49:49 -0500 · Flag
Hey there Martha, I sent you an email so we can resolve this. Sooo sorry for the inconvenience. Look forward to hearing from you!
commented 2014-11-21 14:55:51 -0500 · Flag
I think I may have been charged twice for three tickets to tonight’s film at HRC. How can I find out if that happened? I ordered online and don’t know if even anything was charged. I wanted two VIP passes and I’m worried (1) that nothing was charged and (2) that it may have been charged twice. I wanted 3 $25 tickets.
commented 2014-11-11 15:16:52 -0500 · Flag
popcornandqueers.eventbrite.com queer film series presents vow of silence next week!
followed this page 2014-10-02 12:28:07 -0400
commented 2014-08-19 16:59:34 -0400 · Flag
Hi, I’d like to attend one of the films but I will need to know if they will be provided a subtitle? Closed caption? Sony glasses? Please advise. Thanks
commented 2014-08-07 07:09:34 -0400 · Flag
How can I get my short doc. to show before your films?
commented 2014-08-07 07:09:30 -0400 · Flag
Can someone contact me about having the PSA (short Doc) shown before your films?
commented 2014-08-07 02:05:42 -0400 · Flag
hello,i want to submit my short film.
followed this page 2014-07-16 17:24:14 -0400
commented 2014-07-08 15:21:38 -0400 · Flag
I have a problem with my tickets for the Friday(18th) showing at HRC. I cannot find a phone number or email address to contact you guys.Can someone please contact me? axxxx21a@yahoo.com
commented 2014-07-05 12:29:54 -0400 · Flag
How does one submit films?
commented 2014-06-19 11:59:37 -0400 · Flag
Hello, Is there a way to submit films? Thanks
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